YONGYE Hydraulic Valve Test Bench !



Superior pre-sales and after-sales service make it a supplier who can do its best to meet all customer requirements

Zhejiang Yostar Hydraulic Co.,Ltd. is unique in its operation and service in the field of hydraulic valve test benches. Years of superior pre-sale and after-sales service make it a supplier that can do its best to meet all customer requirements, and more and more customers are coming back.

We hereby make the following commitments: 1. Under the customer's normal storage, transportation, maintenance, and use conditions, when the product cannot be used normally due to manufacturing quality problems, a three-guarantee (warranty, return, replacement) service is provided. 2. One year warranty and free lifetime technical support. Once the contract is concluded and the customer's order is issued, our unlimited service period is started. We have the obligation and responsibility to answer any questions asked by the customer at any time. 3. When receiving quality information feedback, we will respond within 24 hours and rush to the scene to deal with the problem within 72 hours. During the warranty period, our company will provide free door-to-door service and provide spare parts for free (excluding man-made destructive factors) Labor costs and cost fees will be charged as appropriate outside the warranty period. 4. In strict accordance with the IS09001 and CE quality management systems, we organize the procurement of high-quality raw materials, parts and components, and produce high-quality products. Strict inspections are performed before leaving the factory to ensure that the products are delivered to customers. 5. In the process of using the product, if the customer finds that the product cannot be used normally, he can immediately consult the sales department or technical department, and explain in detail the model, specification, use environment, failure situation, purchase date and service requirements of the product used. . After the after-sale service department puts forward the handling suggestion, if it still cannot be solved, then it is decided to send someone or do other handling. 6. The factory products are equipped with the necessary technical documents and product qualification certificates. 7. We must establish a friendly and good cooperative relationship with our customers, learn from each other in cooperation, listen to their suggestions, and respect their opinions. We will systematically and standardize the training of relevant operators, and at the same time impart the knowledge and experience of equipment operation, maintenance and other aspects to users without reservation.