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Company Cultrue

Superior pre-sales and after-sales service make it a supplier who can do its best to meet all customer requirements

attitude determines everything; details makes success. A sound corporate management system is inseparable from the most important corporate culture. In the course of development, Yongxing Hydraulic always adheres to the consistent corporate culture and philosophy, creating first-class products and services, thereby continuously creating value for customers, and forming a win-win culture of unity of people and unity.

  • Corporate culture: unity, forge ahead, integrity, dedication
  • Corporate Vision: Committed to Becoming the Industry Leader
  • Corporate mission: International Yongxing, a century-old enterprise.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Yongpan climbs the peak of technology and strives to be an industry star.
  • Core values: employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, leadership satisfaction

"Three satisfactions", that is, "customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and leadership satisfaction" are the cornerstones of building a harmonious Yongxing. The three interests are unified and mutually conditional.

Yongxing established "Three Satisfaction" as its corporate purpose, namely "Customer satisfaction, Employee satisfaction, Leadership satisfaction", and Customer satisfaction comes first. "Three Satisfaction" constitutes the main interest chain of an enterprise's operation. The interests of the three are unified, mutually conditional and indivisible. Yongxing believes that customers are the most valuable wealth of an enterprise, and customers are the starting point of an enterprise value chain. Only if the customer is satisfied can the company have a market and profit; only if the customer is satisfied, can the company get more orders. Yongxing Hydraulics values customers above all else.